March 2023 – “Single Breast Project” Sculpture,  Affordable Artfair  New York, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York

March 2022 – Two person show – Paintings and Sculptures,  ARTEXPO NYC with Surma-Guillen Studio, Manhattan, New York

March 2020 – 4 -artist show at Scope Art Fair New York with Kass Gallery, Metropolitan Pavilion, New York

June 2019 – Children’s Smile Foundation annual fundraiser at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, New York

June -August 2019 – Solo show “Alchemical States” Paintings, Kosciuszko Foundation, 15E 65th St New York, NY

April 2019 – Two person show “Alchemical states” Paintings,  ARTEXPO NYC with Surma-Guillen Studio, Manhattan, New York

September 2018 – Group show “Single Breast Project” Sculpture, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York

May/June 2018 – Residency and solo show “Transformations” Paintings, Rothener Hoff Gallery, Mecklenburg, Germany

January 2018 – Organized a group show with invited guest artists from the Mothership collective in Bushwick – “Unweaving the Spectrum”  Paintings and sculpture, CONTRA Galleries, Chelsea, New York

September 2017 – Two person show “Macabre” Paintings, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, New York

2012-2017 – Main Artist in Residence and artistic event manager at Tantalo Hotel & Gallery Panama City, Panama

March 2017 – Solo show at Museum of Modern Art MOMA Gallery “Portraits” Paintings, Panama City, Panama

July 2016 – Two person show at Musee Villa La Bonne Lucie de Maurice Utrillo “Retrospective Introspective” Paintings, Paris, France

May 2016 – Won a competition for a mural at Isabela Art Club, Panama City, Panama

December 2015 – Selected to create a mural at Tantalo Gallery, Panama City, Panama

September 2015 – Selected to create a 25ft long mural Gears of Creation – TVN, Panama City, Panama

April 2015 – Won best proposal for two 12 ft murals with 3D pieces in Caliope Restaurant, inside of a 19thcentury theater Teatro Amador, for Tantalo Group, Panama City, Panama

October/November 2015 –  Two person show “Divinity” Paintings at Westedge Art and Design Fair in Santa Monica, California

May 2014 – Two person show   “Divinity” at Olga Sinclair Foundation, Panama

January 2013 – Solo exhibition, “The keepers” Paintings,  Tantalo Gallery, Panama City

November 2012 – Group Show “To All Those that Make Woman’s Body into a Prison for her Soul” Performance and photography show, United Nations Campaign to End Violence towards Women, , GANEXA Gallery, Panama City

October 2012 –  Group show “Les Objets Magiques” mixed media – sculpture/ installation/photography – Allegro Gallery, Panama City

August 2012– Solo Show “Journey” Paintings – selected as New Talent, Le Musée Privé Gallery, Paris, France

May 2012 –Solo show “Journey” Paintings – Espacio Gallery, Panama City

January 2012 – Solo show “Passing Through” Portraits on paper, Los del Patio Foundation, Panama/Chicago



Selected Private Collections 

George Floyd Memorial Foundation, FL

Doreen and Dave Levy, NYC

John Kalafatis, NYC/Greece

Amy and Kurt Steiner, Panama/NYC

Victor Decaria, Niagara Falls, Canada

Debbie Leonards, Reno, NV

Philip and Naomi Judge, Adelaide, Australia

Tara and Erik Steiner, Malibu, CA

Michelle and Miguel Ochoa, Mexico City, Mexico

Anne and Raik Decker, Bad Doberan, Germany

Lorena Salazar, Washington DC/Ecuador

Matt Blesso, NYC/Costa Rica

Benjamin and Rebeca Malinsky, NJ

Michael Woodward, Portugal

Malgorzata Lachut, Brussels, Belgium

Anthony Korčulanić, Nassau, Bahamas

Angela Funez, Washington DC

Serge and Lynn Avezou, Paris, France

Lorenzo Robles, Venezuela/Panama

Marie Green De la Cruz, Miami Beach, FL

Kateri McLucas, San Francisco, CA